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Death of Jan-Michael Vincent, the driver of darkness Supercopter

He had known the glory in the 1980s thanks to his role of Springfellow Hawke in the cult series “Supercopter”. Jan-Michael Vincent died of a heart attack on February 10, 2019, at the age of 74 years. D. R. Jan-Michael Vincent, hero of Supercopter, one of the flagship series of the 1980s, died on February 10, 2019, at the age of 74 years. The news of his death was not made public on the 8 march. He would have died due to a heart attack. The actor began his career in the late 1960s, where it occurs alongside John Wayne, Charles Bronson, James Coburn or even Gene Hackman. Promised to a bright future in the cinema, it is on the small screen as it gets yet a worldwide reputation. In 1984, he was selected to be the pilot phlegmatic and impenetrable Springfellow Hawke, the hero of the series Supercopter. Descent to the underworld at the end of season 3 of Supercopter, the producers of the show decide to separate of Jan-Michael Vincent. The reasons are simple : regularly drunk on the shoot, the actor seriously hinders the production. The alcoholism of actor is not new. His loved ones describe him as a person self-destructive, gentle and lovely when he is sober, violent, and difficult when he has been drinking or taking drugs. Jan-Michael Vincent will fight all his life against his inner demons. Never Jan-Michael Vincent was not to find a role as important. His career includes a large number of films of series B and Z. The ex-pilot of the most powerful helicopter ever built will play in Alienator, Xtro II: The Second Encounter, Abducted II: The Reunion, Ice Cream Man, Lethal orbit, or Jurassic Women… After a small turn in the series The Rebel, Jan-Michael Vincent made an appearance in an episode of Nash Bridges. In “Revelations”, aired on CBS on November 7, 1997, he played the brother of Nash, Bobby Chase, with to the key to replicas that ring especially true : “You really believe that this is the life I dreamt of ?”. Broken voice On August 26, 1996, Jan-Michael Vincent is the victim of a very serious car accident which he survives miraculously. The diagnosis is very serious : at the level of the neck, the actor has a broken vertebra. And the consequences are important : his vocal cords are affected during intubation. His voice was broken. In 1998, Vincent Gallo appealed to him for Buffalo’66. For his first film, the director makes call to another back, Mickey Rourke. Jan-Michael Vincent plays Sonny, the owner of the bowling alley where Billy (Gallo) has left its affairs. A small role, but in a film presented at the Festival of Deauville in 1998 and screened in the whole world ! Fans of Supercopter finally have the opportunity to reunite with Jan-Michael Vincent on the big screen. The personal setbacks are another facet of the life of Jan-Michael Vincent after Supercopter. Between the problems of alcoholism, prison, and suicide attempts, the name of the actor no longer appears in the column, various facts as in the section show. Hermit life In 2002, Jan-Michael Vincent is the poster White Boy”, his latest film to date. He played the role of Ron Masters, a cop is rotten and racist. Alison Lohman also appears on the cast of this film produced by Abel Ferrara. This year, the actor is also the subject of a mini-documentary in the form of a tribute : Jan-Michael Vincent Is My Muse. Through a montage of photos, animations and film extracts, the film director Jim Tushinski y expresses all his admiration for Mr Vincent. Since then, the wildest rumours were circulated about Jan-Michael Vincent. If the sources agree to say that the actor is said to live now at Redwood (Mississippi), the rest is more hypothetical. According to some, Vincent would have been admitted to a Medical Center and have even been seen to move on a wheelchair. Other would assure that he would live as a hermit on a ranch. The generic Supercopter : Generic "Supercopter"

Black Widow : Emma Watson would have auditioned to join Scarlett Johansson in the film
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Alita Battle Angel moved to the top of the box-office US

The feature film “Alita : Battle Angel” settles in as head of the u.s. box office with $ 27.8 million of revenue. “The Great Lego Adventure 2” and “Isn’t It Romantic” complete the podium. Netflix France / Twentieth Century Fox France / Warner Bros. France The feature Alita : Battle Angel settles in the head of the u.s. box office with 27,8* millions of dollars in revenue. The adventure directed by Robert Rodriguez and produced by James Cameron is of course far from the start of the Black Panther in the last year in the same period (202 million !), but it is, however, very good start, with higher than industry expectations. The us Box office from 15 to 17 February 2019 : the Top 10 Rank (previous Rank)FilmRecettes ( $ ) Total (US$) 1 (New) Alita : Battle Angel 27 800 000 36 516 232 2 (1) The Great Adventure Lego 2 21 215 000 62 690 359 3 (New) Isn t It Romantic 14 210 000 20 455 347
4 (2nd) What Men Want 10 920 000 36 150 328 5 (New) Happy Birthdead 2 You 9 816 000 13 527 500 6 (3rd ) in cold Blood 6 000 000 21 122 332 7 (4e ) The Upside 5 590 000 94 197 031 8 (5e) Glass 3 859 000 104 489 915 9 (6th ) The Prodigy 3 150 065 11 015 539 10 (7e) Green Book : On the roads of the south 2 751 000 65 756 401 The podium of the weekend is completed by The Great Lego Adventure 2 and Isn t It Romantic . The animation adds an additional 21.2* * millions of dollars in donations for a total of 62.6 million of greenbacks. It is, however, very far from the heights of the first album, which had buckled his american career, with nearly $ 258 million in revenue. As for the comedy, led by Rebel Wilson, who will be available on Netflix on February 28, it makes nice debut with the 14.2* million of greenbacks on the counter. Finally, let us note the passage of the Glass of M. Night Shyamalan beyond the symbolic threshold of 100 million. Alita, Leïa, Ripley… The female icons of the SF to the cinema to See the slideshow Slideshow Alita, Leïa, Ripley… The female icons of SF cinema 24 pictures * The figures mentioned in the article are estimates, to be published Sunday evening by the specialized firm Exhibitor Relations and announced by the French Film.

Supernatural : Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles want to resolve a subplot left hanging
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The Walking Dead season 9 : the Whisperers play the spoilers in the teaser of the episode 15

The heroes of “The Walking Dead,” attacked by the Whisperers ? This is what allows to assume the teaser of the next episode, aired in us on Monday, US+24 on OCS. The next week in The Walking Dead, the heroes of the three communities (Alexandria, the Kingdom and the Hill) will come together to participate in the fair organized by the king Ezekiel. But while everything seems to herald a time of sharing and happiness, the sinister Whisperers are, it seems, to play the spoilers. After a first meeting placed under the sign of the voltage, the Alpha, the leader of these new villains, will most certainly use a method that is more brutal to demand the release of his daughter, Lydia, although she doesn’t know yet that the latter has followed of its own accord, Henry and Daryl to escape his rule tyrannical. One imagines also that the gross thick Beta will have in heart to take revenge on Daryl, their previous confrontation has turned to the advantage of the latter. The images of teaser of the next episode does not leave in any case nothing a portent of good, as far as the video ends by Alpha pointing the tip of his weapon in the direction of Daryl… The last two episodes of The Walking Dead season 9 are to be found each Monday in the US+24 on OCS.

Velvet Buzzsaw, The Wife, Polar, Billionaire Boys Club, Soni : our advice for Home theater of the month !
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Arrow : the stars of the series react to its cancellation

The season 8 of”Arrow” will be the last; the players have immediately reacted to the cancellation on social networks, by Stephen Amell, who is at the origin of the ad, Colton Haynes and David Ramsey… Warner Bros. Television, Whether on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, the stars of Arrow have expressed all of their emotion at the announcement of the judgment of the series DC Comics at the end of season 8, which will be scheduled this fall on the CW (and at us on Netflix). 10 episodes are planned to say good-bye to the characters. Here are some of these reactions, starting with Stephen Amell. What an awesome ride! @arrow fans have been the best any actor could’ve asked for! Thank you for helping me bring John Diggle/Spartan to life!!! Love all of you! Can’t wait for you to see what we have in stock for you. Let’s end on a high, shall we? #ARROW pic.twitter.com/CDfjpCTNqA — David Ramsey (@david_ramsey) March 6, 2019 See this publication on Instagram Sad to hear the news that #Arrow will be ending after Season 8. What an incredible ride this has been. Thank you to all the fans out there who supported us along the way. ❤️❤️❤️ A publication shared by Colton Haynes (@coltonlhaynes) on March 6, 2019 at 3 :59 pm PST Wow! End of an era. #Arrow made so many of my dreams come true. So thankful to have played my part on this amazing series. Gonna be sad to see it go. #8SeasonsAndAMovie — Echo Kellum (@EchoK) March 7, 2019 family ❤️ big time love for this whole crew. my time on arrow was always fun and supportive and also pretty sure I had to change my underwear from laughing too hard (thx a lot @ embett and echo) (joe and rick are funny too) pic.twitter.com/G8aH1NcyBc — Madison McLaughlin (@MadisonMcLaugh) March 7, 2019 Thankful and grateful to have had the chance to bring #WildDog to life on #Arrow . Thank you to all the writers and producers and cast and crew for welcoming me with open arms. And a big hug to all the fans for the love. It’s our job to give you an amazing last 10 episodes. ❤️🙏🏼— Rick Gonzalez (@officialrickg) March 7, 2019 Being a part of this series from the beginning & being brought back over the course of its run has been beyond.

It has professional highlight it & brought me wonderful lifelong friends.

Thank you to all the fans who’ve kept Tommy alive all & congrats to all those involved ❤️❤️❤️ https://t.co/KJIsSI6Ta1 — COLIN DONNELL (@colindonnell) March 7, 2019 I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Without an audience, there is no show. Thanks to the millions who provided years of employment to hundreds. We aim to craft a final season that will do you proud. https://t.co/bVyeyotiQZ — Marc Guggenheim (@mguggenheim) March 6, 2019

Naruto : the first episodes of the series posted online for free by the publisher Kana Home Video

The editor Kana Home Video has put online free of charge – and legally – the first episodes of “Naruto”. The result of the series will be offered over the weeks on the official channel of the platform. D. R. It is now possible to watch free of charge – and especially legally – episodes of Naruto on Youtube. The editor Kana Home Video, a branch of the famous publishing house that specializes in manga, posted on official youtube channel (Kana Play) the first six episodes (VF + French subtitles) to the lively worship, adapted from the celebrated manga of Masashi Kishimoto. Over the weeks, new episodes will be added in place of the current, up to the end of the series (composed for recall of 220 episodes). It should be noted that episodes of other animated such as Assassination Classroom, and Psycho-Pass are also available on Kana Play. Nothing indicates, however, if other key titles will be affected by the offer (Kana Home Video has including the rights of the series One Piece, Saint Seiya Omega, or even Hunter X Hunter, no less !). (Re)Discover right now the first episode of Naruto :

Star Trek Discovery renewed for a season 3

A season 3 for “Star Trek Discovery” ! The sci-fi series has been renewed by the platform american CBS All Access, with the promotion to the post of co-showrunner of the writer Michelle Paradise. CBS In the pipes for several weeks, and the renewal of Star Trek Discovery is now official : the sci-fi series will return for a third season, with the promotion to the post of co-showrunner, alongside Alex Kurtzman – writer Michelle Paradise. Launched with great fanfare in the fall of 2017, Star Trek Discovery has quickly become one of the flagship series of the platform american CBS All Access, as well as the cornerstone of a television world that is connected, which will shortly be hosting several spin-off : a series dedicated to captain Jean-Luc Picard (Star Trek The next generation) with Patrick Stewart, another on the Section 31 with Michelle Yeoh, as well as two animated series. Star Trek Discovery : “A role as iconic as Spock, it is the dream of every actor” drop down ten years before the plot of the original series, Star Trek Discovery follows the adventures of Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green), an orphan raised on the planet Vulcan, and, incidentally, adopted sister of Spock. Currently missing in the current season 2, the latter will soon be his debut in the series, under the features of the actor Ethan Peck. In France, the episodes of Star Trek Discovery are offered each Friday in the US+24 on Netflix.