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Boy Erased, Come as You Are… The therapies of conversion or the silent grief

Practice as painful as highly questionable, the conversion therapy, aimed at changing a gay person in individual is heterosexual, has been prohibited in many countries and some american States. But remains legal in France. Story. Universal Pictures International Germany GmbH Released in theaters on July 18, 2018, the film from Desiree Akhavan, Come as you are, won an award at the Sundance film festival and worn by the luminous presence of the young Chloë Grace Moretz, was also value of catharsis for the director. To write the script of the film, Akhavan and writer Cecilia Frugiuele, in particular based on the personal experience of the filmmaker. Young, she had been in treatment for an eating disorder in a centre of rehabilitation therapy of conversion : “I love the stories taking place in rehabilitation centers and I have always wanted to undertake a project that would talk about what can we feel in this environment. Everything is done to “get better”, but what does this mean at the bottom ? Everyone has their own perception of what this may mean. There are also alliances that are formed according to the profound desire of everyone to get better or not. […] What does it mean “get better” when simple prayers cannot have any effect on the homosexuality of someone ? This is the nucleus around which we began to write the script with Cecilia.” As to the actress, she was enjoying just the lighting provided by the prize won by the film at the festival to denounce an administration Trump “that believes totally in the therapies of conversion”, while recalling that the vice-president Mike Pence “has even attempted to subsidize them with public funds.” And to point fingers in the wake of the State of New Hampshire, which the Congress has missed an opportunity to prohibit such camps in conversion at the beginning of the month of January 2018. Below, the trailer for the movie… Come as you are trailer VO Eight months later, the film has not finished with the topic, with the release of the Boy Erased, in the dining hall this march 27. Based on the memoirs of Garrard Conley, the film recounts the painful and authentic journey of Jared Eamons, a son of a pastor, played by Lucas Hedges (and supported by Nicole Kidman and Russell Crowe), the revelation of Manchester By The Sea, outé at the age of 19 years and must follow conversion therapy against their will, away from his parents, his family and his beliefs. Just like the heroine of Come as You Are, Jared is also forced to follow conversion therapy. You can discover the trailer of the film below… Boy Erased trailer VO therapies conversion, shameful treatments To explain what they call the therapies of conversion, sometimes called reorientation therapy sexual or restorative therapy by its advocates, it should go back. Homosexuality has long been regarded by the medical profession as a pathology of mental illness. Subsequently, several therapies of translation have seen the light of day a little everywhere in the world. It is, in fact, a set of treatments of various origins used in the order assumed (and controversial) attempt to change the sexual orientation of a person, to move from homosexuality to heterosexuality.

In 1973, the american psychiatric Association is proposing to replace the diagnosis of homosexuality one of “disturbance of the sexual orientation” in the manual-american classification of mental disorders (DSM); a reference tool in the medical world. In France, homosexuality was until 1992, and its place in a diagnosis, in the same way that schizophrenia or depression… In the first half of the Twentieth century, medical techniques aggressive such as lobotomy and ect (treatment by éléctrochocs) have been tried. Therapies conversion itself appear specifically during the 60’s, in favor of the expansion of behavioral therapies for sexual dysfunction. The terms are mainly based on the techniques aversive. In other words, it is linking a stimulus to content homosexual (for example the image of men or women naked(e) (s) to a stimulus that causes unpleasant sensations, such as nausea. After several repetitions, the stimulus for sexual content homosexual becomes a stimulus conditional that automatically triggers a response of anxiety in the patient. The aversive stimulus most often used was the electric shock (low intensity), but olfactory stimuli have also been the preference of some experimenters. Beyond the actual ethical issues, measuring the effectiveness of these techniques has been very discussed. The different techniques employed have certainly not turned gay exclusive heterosexual. In a recent study whose results were published in January, 2018 by the Williams institute, the Department of legal studies of the University UCLA , the numbers are cold in the back. 698 000 people have already suffered, in the United States, conversion therapy intended to change their sexual orientation or gender identity lived, of which 350.000 when they were minors. Nearly 80,000 adolescents will undergo conversion therapy before they reach the majority in the United States. If we add the number of treatments received outside of the medical profession, by a religious institution or spiritual, for example (57000), the figure rises to 77 000 young people throughout the country. Practices discredited These treatments are a source of controversy in many countries. Since 1999, a movement was engaged around the world, seeks to prohibit therapies of conversion. Countries such as Malta (the first european State to vote prohibition in December 2016), China (since 2014), Brazil (since 1999), Canada (2015) and some american States are prohibited, such as California (since 2012), or the State of Washington (march 2018). In the United States, the largest instances american medicine now agree that their ineffectiveness and harmfulness, in particular on the well-being psychic. The american medical Association, the american psychiatric Association and the american Academy of pediatrics are publicly opposed to their practice. If the practice is still legal in some american States, others seem ready to impose a ban on this practice. A survey of 2016 cited by the study from the Williams Institute reported, for example, that 71% of people in Florida want to ban therapies of conversion, while they are 64% in Virginia and 60% in New Mexico. The prohibitions that could be progressive, if we are to judge by the figures provided by the study. In 2014, only 8% of americans believe these therapies to be effective. Among the most ardent supporters of conversion therapy, we mainly found groups of fundamentalist christians, and other religious organizations of the extreme right. They take advantage of a loophole or, in any case, a legal vacuum. And, in some States that have banned the therapies of conversion (California, Oregon, Nevada, ect…), any individual may, however, offer these therapies (who, incidentally, did call themselves not necessarily in this terminology), even if it is banned in the State so; the only condition to claim as a member of a clergy or belong to a religious movement and, in some cases, the condition does not have to pay for this “service”. Processes that make vulnerable young people aged 13 to 17 years old, very targeted, and that would be the number of 57,000 in this case every year, as we said above. And in France ? The blur reign, and these therapies of conversion are not convicted. But it is very difficult to assess their numbers, as revealed in an article published in the newspaper Libération and dated January, 2017. “In France, there are five or six groups who practice “therapy” conversion” said Louis-Georges Tin, militant homosexual and author of the Dictionary of homophobia (published by PUF in 2003). “But they are also the result of psychiatrists and psychotherapists, difficult to fight, who continue to “heal” their patients in the secret of the cabinets.” Still, Malta, to return to this example, has effectively become the first european country to ban the “treatments” intended to “cure” LGBT people and that it is even addressed the opening of civil union and adoption for same-sex couples, abortion in this tiny State very catholic is still strictly forbidden, even if there is a vital risk for the mother…

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